Luxembourg – The Country

We wake up early today in order to have enough time to hike before we go wine tasting. We get the same breakfast as yesterday (I think it’s starting to grow on me), and then buy a day pass and a packed lunch from the front desk. This will let us get on any any big-metal-wheel-box or train within the country for the day for only 4euro!

ImageWe use it first by taking a big-metal-wheel-box from the hostel (though, it’s still up the stupid hill) to the train station. We take the 111 big-metal-wheel-box heading towards Echternach. Today we have added some new giant-ones to our group. They are turkey-giant-one and purple-giant-one. They came with another group to Luxembourg, but wanted to go on a hike with us.

Most of the giant-ones are still tired, so they fall asleep on the big-metal-wheel-box. It takes a little less than an hour to get to Echternach. There, the book says that the hiking trail is supposed to start right from the train station, so we start walking on the closest thing. We know we are looking for trail E1, but all we can find is E4, and the map is awful, so we just start!

ImageIt is a nice trail right down by the river, but it is paved, so we are a bit disappointed. We follow it for about an hour, at which point it starts to rain, so we hide under a tree and pull out our packed lunches. They consist of one sandwich with only ham, one with only cheese, a pear, and a Madeline. Pretty filling if not flavorful.

When the rain dies down a bit we decide to start walking back so we can go to the winery. On the way back though She finds us the start of the E1 trail! We don’t have enough time to hike the whole thing by now, but we take it the rest of the way back. It is much nicer than the bike path that we were on before.

The trail leads us back to the train station, so we hop on another big-metal-wheel-box (#485) which takes us to Grevenmacher, where the winery. We get there a bit earlier than the time we told people we’d get there, so we grab a bite to eat at a kebab shop. And then, of course, we have to go check out the playground! Once the kids are done playing, we head over to the winery… only to find out that we missed it because a wedding had rented it out! We are able to meet up with the other student-giant-ones (soft-giant-one, smooth-giant-one, and neighbor-giant-one).

Turkey-giant-one then comes up with the idea to head towards Remich, since it’s supposed to be a cool town. So we all hop on big-metal-wheel-box #450 and enjoy the short but scenic ride over. Unfortunately by the time we get there most of the shops are closed. So we go into a small eatery/grocery store where everyone orders G…wein (can’t remember the name). It is a very good hot spiced wine, perfect for a rainy day.

But after our glass everyone is exhausted, so we pack up and take the #175 big-metal-wheel-box back to Luxembourg. There we stop by the hostel to drop off our things and take a quick shower before we head out to find dinner. Sadly, something we didn’t know about Luxembourg is that most restaurants stop seating around 21h00, and we get to the restaurant area at 21h07. 😦 We do end up finding a Chinese place that is open, but it was overpriced.

Satisfyingly full after dinner, we decide to go out to some bars near the hostel and celebrate our last night in Luxembourg. There we meet up with another group of student-giant-ones and hang out all night.

It was a good day even though things didn’t go as planned!

Still livin’ the dog’s life,

Woofy Buff


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